Program 3 day viewing trip

All our viewings are different and are completely customized for you. This way it always remains fun for us because every viewing is different. Other people, other wishes ... we adapt! Our objective? Help you find your Spanish dream home!

This is how a viewing trip can look like:

However, our programs remain very flexible to adjust the visits according to your impressions. The number can therefore vary greatly depending on your reactions and wishes. Of course, more or less days are also possible.

Medvilla bezichtigingen

The first day:

We will pick you up from the airport and show you a large part of the area - after all, that is most important, you have to feel HOME.

On the way we have lunch or real Spanish tapas, depending on the route,

Of course we also visit several of the properties that you preferred and we can also visit them if you wish.

After a day full of impressions we will bring you to the hotel, have a chat and then you can relax.



Villa zeezicht bezoeken Spanje

The second day:

We always plan those only after the first day. We listen to your reactions and comments and we adjust our route accordingly. In any case, a piece of environment fits in here - and of course again including lunch. We visit the projects and homes that you prefer

Do you have a strong preference for a particular property, then we deepen the area…. Atmosphere of the village or town, the distances to the shops, restaurants, banks, golf courses, the many beaches,  etc..

We also go through the entire buying process and which you should all take into account. Depending on your wishes, this visit may also include a visit to a lawyer or a bank.



Programma bezichtigingsreis Spanje

The third day:

Of course we hope that during those 3 days you have found the house of your dreams ... and fortunately that is often the case ;-)

Together we can arrange everything immediately on the spot and make a down payment, but if you want to return home and arrange everything from there, that is of course also possible.

With most builders we can arrange that, if you would like to have a particular property, the down payment can be made when you are back in UK.

After your sunny stay in Spain and a good impression of the surroundings and the properties, we bring you to the airport ... usually as the happy owner of a place in the the sun


Bezoek huis in Spanje


In Spain it is almost never possible to get a no-obligation option, that is the general rule. Sales are fast and there are agents across Europe offering the same projects

Taking a home off the market permanently requires a paid (non-refundable) option. The amount differs per promoter, and varies between € 3,000 and € 6,000. 

If funding from a bank is required, you should have reviewed the options with your bank in your country before commencing the inspection visit. When the financing takes place in Spain, this must be discussed in advance with MedVilla.

During the inspection visit, the customer undertakes to visit only real estate projects with MedVilla. At the time of purchase, the cost of flight and accommodation will be refunded. Max 2 persons and up to a max cost of 500 €. 

We can show you any real estate project, if a project is not on our site, let us know and we will also arrange the visit

Interested in a guided visit? Please feel free to contact us or send an email to so we can fix the date for the visit.