So you've made the signature and became an owner of your fantastic newbuild property in Spain. Congratulations! We can imagine that together with joy and pride, you also have so many questions... Don't worry... Our aftersales service will help you with an answer to all them.

How can MedVilla help you after the purchase?

We give you some examples of the most frequently asked questions.

  • Where can I buy all of the kitchen appliances and electronic devices? We can help you buy good quality electronic equipment at a good price
  • Should I rent or perhaps to buy a car? Not sure whether you want to rent or buy a car? We can advise you without obligation on what will be the best option for you;
  • How can I furnish my new home? Don't you have time to furnish your home or choose furniture? We will arrange this for you together with our interior designer.
  • What about the Internet and mobile subscription? You will receive an overview of the providers in your region from us
  • I would like to make small or large adjustments to my home... We have a wide network of specialists.
  • I'm thinking about the key management and maintenance of my home while I'm away... It's nice if you have a someone with spare key close at hand. Or that your home is checked while you are not there yourself.
  • Renting out your home: certification, website creation, cleaning. We help you with the application for a rental license, create a website and a cleaning service.
  • Insuring your home, car or health care. MedVilla also has its own insurance office for all your insurance in Spain
  • Where do I do groceries and other purchases. You will receive information from us about supermarkets, the weekly market and other shops in the area.
  • Buy sun protection. We will show you the offers from different suppliers.
  • Save on Bank Fees and Mortgage Payments. Vidando recommend A Place in the Sun Currency to make your money go further when buying property in Spain. Click on the banner and safe €1000´s!

Is your question not listed? Send it by e-mail to or a message via WhatsApp to 0034 688 708 332.

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