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When you are in the market to buy a property in Spain, there is quite a bit more to it. You can then use the help of an English-speaking lawyer in Spain. The regulations regarding the purchase of a (second) home are different in Spain than in England. It is therefore important to find reliable lawyers in Spain, who can help you complete the purchase according to the applicable rules there

The language can also prove to be a major obstacle in the purchase of your (second) home. The Spaniards generally speak only Spanish, but little English. In order to be well informed, it is very wise to hire one of the English-speaking lawyers in Spain

What can an English-speaking lawyer in Spain help you with?

English speaking lawyers in Spain have knowledge of the language. For you, as a potential buyer of a house in Spain, the Spanish (or Catalan) language can be a major barrier. You always want to avoid making a big mistake by not (sufficiently) understanding and speaking the language. It is therefore very nice to know that there are lawyers in Spain (or more specifically, English-speaking lawyers on the Costa Blanca) who have fully mastered both English and Spanish. The lawyers are often originally in English and can therefore inform you well. And yes, that gives confidence - confidence you want when you are about to make a big expense

Sometimes your English-speaking lawyer in Spain will speak plain English, and sometimes there will be a Spanish lawyer with an English-Spanish legal assistant who will contact you. This makes no difference to the process.

Regulatory differences between Spain and UK

It is not easy to make a large purchase, such as a (second) house, across national borders. You will have to deal with all kinds of differences between the UK and Spain. Think of differences in regulations, but certainly also in the handling of sales. For example, it is not mandatory in Spain to report hidden defects as a selling party. Of course you can have an engineer come over from England for this, but an English-speaking lawyer in Spain can also help you well

For example, it is important to make sure that the house you want to buy is built according to the rules. There is a chance that the house you have in mind was built illegally. It may just be that your recently bought house has to be demolished. An English-speaking lawyer in Spain is well aware of these types of common problems. Therefore, they can let you know exactly whether purchasing a particular home makes sense.

Payment for your property in Spain

When you buy a house in England, you transfer the money to the notary. The notary then takes care of the further financial settlement. That works differently in Spain. Paying a house in Spain must be done from a Spanish bank account to the account of the selling party. An English-speaking lawyer in Spain can help you with this. Or in that case you can agree with your lawyer in Spain that you transfer the money to the office's account. The lawyer will then take care of the further handling

What is the difference between a gestor and an abogado in Spain?

What does a gestor do? A gestor is not the same as a lawyer in Spain. You can see a gestor as an accountant or a lawyer with a lot of knowledge in the field of real estate or taxes, for example. The gestor mainly has an administrative function. He or she may not litigate for you

When you have decided to buy a property in Spain, the gestor will collect all the necessary documents. This way you can be sure that the gestor will make sure that all the papers that exist about the house you want to purchase get to the right authorities on time. For example, it must be published in Spain that a certain property is to be changed hands. Finding the right documents and publishing it can still be quite difficult for English in Spain, especially if you are not well aware of the regulations and if you do not have sufficient knowledge of the Spanish language.

What does an English speaking lawyer do in Spain?

The (English-speaking) lawyer (abogado) in Spain is also available in all of the above areas. In addition, an English-speaking lawyer in Spain can do much more for you. Consider, for example, familiarizing yourself with the regulations in Spain, but also litigating when a purchase is unexpectedly unpacked for you. The aim of both the lawyer and the gestor is to ensure that you can live and live carefree in Spain

A list of English-speaking lawyers in Spain

A little help in finding English-speaking lawyers in Spain is useful. Below is a list of various law firms on the Costa Blanca and in Spain. Of course, you always choose the lawyers in Spain that suit you best. With most lawyers on the Costa Blanca and in Spain in general, you can request a no-obligation intake or introductory meeting. This way you can “feel” whether this lawyer suits you and your wishes


MacLegal is not an English-speaking lawyer in Spain, but a Spanish-speaking lawyer who is assisted by Dutch-speaking employees. MacLegal Advocaten & Architecten is a company consisting of qualified professionals. MacLegal is composed of a multicultural team that can communicate in English, French, Dutch, Arabic and of course SPANISH!

Santa Alodía, nº 2 - 1ª Planta, Local 20
03189 – Playa Flamenca, Orihuela Costa
t.  +34 965 038 448
e. info@maclegal.es 

Link inc

Link inc is available for you with tax and legal advice. It is a Flemish team that has been active in the province of Alicante since 2006. They take care of all your practical, administrative and legal matters regarding your stay, purchase, or property in Spain. They only represent your interests because they work on your behalf, independent of real estate agents and other intermediaries. For example, LinkInc can also help you with applying for your Golden Visa an NIE number, if you are unable to resolve this yourself. LinkInc fair rates that are clearly agreed in advance.

Avenida Locutor Vicente Hipólito 39
03540 Alicante (Playa de San Juan)
t. +34 965 77 75 14
e. info@linkinc.es


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