Build your own property in Spain

Looking already for quite some time, but cannot find your dream property in Spain? And you know exactly what you want? Why not build your own villa in Spain? You can build your own dream property without making any concessions. Spain immo and real estateFew of you prefer a new build house in Spain and therefore a house with much more modern comfort than an old house. Yet buyers and / or investors apparently choose out of "security considerations" for an existing home, under the guise of "what you see is what you get" Apparently the thoughts are twofold ...

For this reason, MedVilla has developed a formula especially for these customers who want to build a house in Spain to guide you as optimally as possible in the entire construction process and in your own language.

Zelf huis bouwen in SpanjeBuild your property in Spain, our procedures!

In the first instance, together we look for a suitable location to build your own property. Of course everyone has very different wishes and desires for purchasing a plot. Important questions such as, the distance to the village, located in the mountains or not, the sunny location, no location in a new-build neighborhood to be built, etc ... must be answered.

After finding the most suitable plot, we make an appointment with our architects to work out a basic project according to the customer's wishes..

Our villas are always completely and exclusively designed. We certainly do not sell a mass product. It goes without saying that we have various example models of villas with which we can provide all kinds of ideas for your individual touch to the new construction project. "Every MedVilla new build project should reflect the individuality of our customers ..!" The entire process from start to finish. We work with a professional team of experts and ensure that you are in good hands for building your own home. From architect to contractor, from financial to legal advice and from stylist to furniture. We will guide you personally where necessary. No hassle and worry. Of course everything with the highest quality and best guarantees

Huis bouwen in Spanje

Plans to build your own property.

When a final plan has been drawn up after very careful consideration and consultation, we can, if desired, make a 3D artists impression virtual photos for a small fee. These impressions accurately reflect reality, because the computer programs that our architects work with are of the very last generation and offer fantastic details. The customer can still make changes to the design as a result of these images.

Building your dream property in Spain ... The ultimate project

When everything is what you like, the final project will be made and presented to the relevant municipality for the application for the building permit. The issue takes an average of 4 months. Normally, we can start before the building permit is issued to make the plot ready for construction, so that no time is lost.

Selecting all materials such as tiles, kitchen, bathroom, etc. is always supervised by MedVilla. Orders are always placed in consultation with us so that there are no misunderstandings and unnecessary annoyance.

Bouwen huis op maat Spanje

Build your own property in Spain, choose MedVilla

hen you will be personally guided by the MedVilla manager. We work closely with a law firm that also employs an English-speaking lawyer, who ensures that all legal matters related to the purchase of a property in Spain are fully sorted out and explained for you. The lawyer will also prepare the transfer at the notary and be present, so that everything is handled correctly. 

The complete construction process is fully documented by us with photos from the start of construction and all intermediate stages until the delivery of your villa. So even if you are not permanently in Spain, we will keep you fully informed of the progress.

The time of the construction process is experienced by our customers as a very pleasant and extremely interesting period and the end result is always very satisfying


Droomhuis bouwen Spanje

Do you want to build your property in Spain?

Also inspired? Please feel free to contact us and we would like to invite you for a non-committal viewing of our recently built villas, so that you get a very good impression of the superb quality and finish

Potential buyers who have visited our villas are always very enthusiastic and convinced that building a house in Spain with MedVilla is the best choice, both qualitatively and financially. A comparable existing home is always a compromise and generally more expensive.

Duration of building a property in Spain

All in all, you need a year before you can use your villa, built entirely to your own wishes, but it is well worth to wait. In the construction of our villas we only use top quality materials in collaboration with top brands.

You can use a local interior designer to furnish your villa. This service is normally free of charge.


Zelf huis bouwen Spanje


Our villas always have a ten-year construction guarantee and our aftersales is very well regarded. After the transfer, we can also provide you with various services, such as (house) insurance, pool and / or garden maintenance, the cleaning of your villa, etc ...

In short, we offer you a complete service from A to Z if you want to build your own house in Spain.

Do you have any questions about building your property in Spain yourself?

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