The cheapest insurance in Spain

The very best and the cheapest insurance in Spain with Caser's tailor-made expertise and personal service in your own language.

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Are you well insured with the cheapest insurance in Spain?

Being well insured means that you take the time together with your broker to go over your valuables so that they are estimated at the correct value without being over- or underinsured. Good insurance makes any claims files easy to handle.

You can contact us for practically all existing insurance policies. The most common insurance policies are home and home insurance, including home, household contents and theft insurance. We also offer family coverage in our insurance if you wish up to an insured capital of 1,000,000.00 euros. For residents an important plus and a value that our competition usually does not achieve and that at unbeatable prices.

But we also take care of your car or motorcycle, covers with own damage included, replacement car included and standard roadside assistance. Or have you ever looked at our private health insurance, with foreign coverage and a choice of the best performing private hospitals.

At MedVilla's insurance department you can be sure of the very best & cheapest insurance in Spain and a personalized service. With us you are not a number. And you will be helped in your own language!

Offer of cheapest insurance in Spain:

  • Car insurance
  • Moto insurance
  • Private health insurance: Network of more than 13,000 clinics, medical centers and hospitals
  • Home and contents insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Funeral insurance,
  • Pets insurance

MedVilla Insurance brokers assess your existing insurance policies and offer comparisons from Caser. With the head office at Torrevieja we are always close by and we are happy to advise you personally.

Request your individual offer by phone now:

  • BE: +32 2 342 10 61
  • NL: +31 207 45 00 27
  • UK: +44 203 318 27 96
  • ES: +34 965 020 104

We are also happy to discuss your existing policies and compare them with our new offers.

MedVilla Insurance is an exclusive agent of Caser Seguros. We have deliberately opted for a multilingual team of insurance advisers with an international orientation. That is why our customers are also Dutch, German, French and English-speaking foreigners in Spain. Because of our international knowledge of the insurance market, we understand the personal questions and problems of foreigners much better than other offices. As a result, our consultancy is of a high level and we can also provide custom solutions for offering the cheapest insurance in Spain.

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