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San Miguel de Salinas is approximately 8 km from the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea and is located on the southern Costa Blanca in Spain, one of the most popular tourist regions in Spain. You may find many salt lakes at this place. The town is connected with various other towns including Bigastro, Torrevieja and Orihuela via local roads. The scenic and natural beauty of San Miguel de Salinas has even forced some of the tourists to get settled at this place permanently.

Living In San Miguel De Salinas

San Miguel de Salinas has been an independent municipality since 1836 and now has around 7,000 inhabitants. The village is equipped with all conceivable facilities such as restaurants, shops, weekly markets and sports facilities. Because the village is almost 100 meters above sea level, you can enjoy beautiful views. On one side you have a view of the salt lakes of Torrevieja and in the distance the Mediterranean Sea. On the other side you look over the large reservoir La Pedrera. This reservoir has been responsible for the irrigation of the land around Cartagena since the 1980s

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According to historical facts, the establishment of this town commenced right from the Roman times. The actual municipal boundary of this place was extended into the country in 1955. As a result of this boundary, an imaginary triangle was formed amid The Torrevieja lagoon, La Peña del Águila and Pedrera Reservoir.  

San Miguel de Salinas - The climate

San Miguel de Salinas is a perfect place for those who like a Mediterranean climate. It implies there are extremely hot summers with mild winters at this place. Even you may enjoy some rainfall during winters that makes the weather lovely and enjoyable. The place is blessed by the Sun as it has sunny days all year long. Unlike other places around the world, this place boasts off having sunny days even during winters that make the environment cosy and comfortable. With an annual temperature of 17.9 degrees, it receives an average rainfall of 294 mm

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