Property prices in Spain are rising again by 3.6% in Medvilla Spanje

Property prices in Spain are rising again by 3.6%


Statistics published this week by Spanish property valuation firm Tinsa show that the average villas in Spain at the end of January was worth 3.6% more than at the same time in 2017.

After an increase in house values ​​in Spain between 5-6% in 2017 (depending on what source they believe), the signs are already strong that 2018 is just as positive for Spanish properties as in the past 12 months.

The Tinsa data showed both the national average increase figure of 3.6% and the regional differences. It found that house prices in Spain rose by more than 5% in the larger cities and provincial capitals in January, and around 4.1% in the Canary and Balearic islands.

The values ​​of Spanish properties rise above average.

For many parts of the Mediterranean coast, the average price increase was 3%, which is actually below the national average, but reflects the lowest demand for homes on the coast during the winter months. Tinsa expects the values ​​of the Mediterranean house to rise above the national average as the days get longer and the mercury rises.

Interestingly, although the Tinsa data does not show the average sales price of a house in Spain for January, it does say that the house values ​​are now back to where they were in June 2013, a time of recession in Spain marked by a series of price corrections.

The economy went down in 2013; but today it is rising steadily, and home sales in the last few years have risen by an encouraging 11 - 15% and the amounts of mortgage loans are slowly rising again.

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