Nota Simple in Medvilla Spanje

Nota Simple


Why you should always see the "Nota Simple" when buying your house in Spain.

The "Nota Simple" is one of the most important documents when buying a house in Spain?

It is a document that consists of no more than 3 sides of A4 format in which you can find everything about the house you want to buy. That is why this document is such an important control tool for the buyer!

Nota Simple, the sooner you request it, the better..

If you are going to buy a house in Spain, you should have the "Nota Simple" in your possession at a very early stage or at least be able to view this document. In many cases, "Nota Simple" only comes up at a later stage.

Why did I only see the Nota Simple later?

This can happen for several reasons:

The selling broker has not yet received all the information about the property from the seller. And that is why he has not yet been able to request the "Nota Simple" in the property register.
Another reason may be that the selling broker already has the document in his possession, but does not yet want to show it to the prospective buyer. The prospective buyer could use the information in the document to contact the seller directly. In that case, the selling broker is afraid that he will miss out on his commission.
The worst reason that you will see the "Nota Simple" later is that there are things in the "Nota Simple" that the selling broker would rather not have known to the prospective buyer. He waits until the preliminary purchase agreement has been signed and the buyer has made a down payment.

The contents of a Note Simple.

What is in the "Nota Simple" ? A lot, or rather everything.

All the information you need about the property you are going to buy can be found in the "Nota Simple". This information can be divided into 3 parts; legal information; financial information and construction information.

Nota Simple has all the legal information about the house.

  • Who is the legal owner.
  • Since when has the current owner owned the house?
  • How did he or she come into possession of the house? For example through purchase or inheritance.
  • At which notary was the deed of sale passed?
  • Nota Simple also provides all financial and tax information.
  • Is there a mortgage on the house?
  • Has the house been seized by a court order because someone has something to claim from the owner?
  • Can the municipality make claims against the owner of the house because the urbanization where the house is located is not yet completely finished?
  • Are there any outstanding taxes that can be claimed?

Nota Simple also mentions the architectural information about the house.

  • An exact description of the layout of the house.
  • The area of ​​the lot on which the house is located.
  • The surface of the house.

Always do a final check of the Nota Simple.

The moment you sign the notarial deed of sale, the notary will certainly put this document on the table. Then make sure you take the document in hand. Check the contents of the Nota Simple at your leisure, or have it done by your lawyer or gestor.

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