Non resident tax in Medvilla Spanje

Non resident tax


M-210 = the non-resident tax, SUMA

The end of the year is in sight and the fiscal obligations for 2018 are also in decline. If you are a homeowner in Spain, you also have to fulfill certain tax obligations in Spain. Annually you are obliged to pay Land Registry Tax on all your property that you own here and SUMA will inform you of this. This tax is called the IBI (El Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles) and is due around August-September-October. It is important that you can automate this tax payment (all taxes that SUMA deregisters) so that you do not have to pay unnecessary costs to your legal, tax, lawyer, ... so that "they will keep this in order for you".

Another tax is a personal income tax that you must complete annually, the non-resident tax (only applicable to persons who have real estate). This tax is payable annually for 31-12 of the current calendar year and relates to the previous year. If you have also rented out then the already paid tax will be deducted. This can not be done automatically but you can do it yourself or have it outsourced. If you do it yourself, you can do this online (via a token system) or you can go to Hacienda with your file. Let us outsource it and we will keep it up to date for you annually and inform you of changes in the legislation for both Spain and your home country (ref Benelux).

Individuals who are not resident in Spain and have one or more houses in private ownership in Spain (not intended for letting) must submit a declaration annually on their own initiative. The Spanish tax authorities do not contact you themselves! This declaration is the so-called 210 model.

This declaration must be submitted annually before 31 December of the year following the year in which it was the owner. This means that if a person had a home in 2018, the declaration must be made before 31 December 2019.

Since 2015, a tax has been levied on an imputed (or fixed) income of 1.1 percent of the cadastral value of the home (and 2 percent if this value has not been revised in the past 10 years). The allocated income is taxed at the non-resident rate of 19 percent. For residents outside the European Union the rate is 24 percent

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